Monday, August 11, 2014

Parker vs. Disneyland

Just over a week ago Chris and I decided to join his mom and siblings in California for one last Disneyland adventure.  We had some Disney dollars to use, and a free place to stay and we though "why not?".  We don't know when we will be back again, and anyone who knows us knows how much we love Disney.  Plus we just had to introduce Parker to this magical place :)

We got Parker a Mickey Mouse when we went on our Disney Cruise, and we just had to bring it on the trip.  I'm telling you, he has been attached to him every since!  Every time we would ask him where Mickey was, he would look at him with his eyes and get a big smile on his face.  We've got another Disney lover in the house!

Parker loved the rides -- even despite his face on the picture above.  We took him on a lot of rides, but I think the most loved one was the Buzz Lightyear one.  It was awesome to see his face light up on each ride. 

We even got him his very own Mickey ears!  He wasn't a huge fan of wearing it...good thing they have those elastic straps!

Overall we had an amazing time.  We are so grateful to Chris's Mom for letting us tag along on their trip!  I'm so glad that we were able to take Parker to this magical place.  Until next time!

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  1. What a perfect trip. Love your photos! I've been counting down the days until I get to buy Jayne her own Mickey ears!