Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicago Livin' - a tour around the city

The McNulty family has officially been in Chicago for one week.  Hello, where did this time go!?!  Oh I know, it was spent unpacking, and cleaning, and more unpacking.  That's the moving life though, right?

It's safe to say that we are enjoying ourselves so far being in the big city.  I don't know about Chris, but my head is still spinning from everything, so I know that being here hasn't really hit me yet. 

More on all that later though...!  On to the fun stuff now :)

This past weekend, we took a break from unpacking, and cleaning, and traveled into the city to take a tour, and sight see.  So glad we did this!  There is SO much to see and do in this city, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but excited at the same time.

Guys, this city...I mean!  It's so beautiful!!  I couldn't stop looking at everything we were passing.  And I definitely drained my battery with all the pictures I was taking.  We got to see and do so much through the tour we took, I'm so glad we did it.  Money well spent right there!

One of my favorite spots that we stopped was Millennium Park where the famous "bean" is located.  Parker got a kick out of seeing his own reflection in it!  It was fun walking around and seeing all the artistic features the park had as well.  Cool place to visit for sure!

I couldn't get over how there was a river running right through the city.  We took one of the boat tours, and got to hear all about the various buildings that are located right on the river, as well as within the city.

Another favorite spot was Navy Pier.  So fun!  I went back when I was in high school, but didn't remember much, so being able to go again was really fun!  I think we barely scratched the surface in seeing everything that this place offers.  Definitely going to come back to this location.  

Another thing that surprised me was how blue the water was by the pier.  I had to keep reminding myself that it's not the ocean, and that it's a lake.  So pretty!  Can't wait to come check it out next summer -- I don't think we will get to it this summer :)

I have to keep telling myself that we are not on vacation, and that we do indeed live here.  There's still so much to see and do, and explore -- another thing that adds to my head spinning -- that I can't wait to do!

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  1. Sounds so incredible! Glad you guys arrived safe and are loving the big city! Sad I didn't get to see u before you left! Sounds like we need to do a catch up conversation! Miss ya!