Sunday, September 21, 2014

Parker - 11 months!

Weight: 22.6 lbs

- He's crawling!! Not fully, but he will crawl a for a bit, and then go back to his stomach - silly goose!
- He's practically a little man -- who can't walk yet...haha.
- Is able to eat all kinds of solids now.
- Pulls himself up on everything.
- Standing and walking around our furniture items.
- Loves watching his "shows" - these days it's Jake the Pirate.
- Still loves playing with Mom and Dad's phones.
- He gives open mouthed "kisses" to anything and everything. But if you ask him for a kiss he'll lean in to give you one.
- Still hates his carseat, and now getting put onto his changing table. He will just cry!
- Is starting to explore everything from drawers and cupboards (exclusively in his room...for now!).
- Still loves walks in the stroller.

Our little guy is exactly that - a little guy!! We can't believe he'll be ONE in less than a month. Where has this time gone!?! He sure keeps us busy, and we love him tons :)

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