Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Night on the town!

Last weekend Chris and I decided we needed a break from unpacking and hanging things up, and to go explore the area we live in.  Enter downtown Naperville!

We had heard about this area from our neighbor, and thought it would be a great place to check out.  The weather was a bit crisp (just how I like it this time of year!), so we grabbed some jackets and headed out.

We started our exploring by walking the Naperville River Walk.  It was beautiful!  There were so many trees, and the river itself was so pretty.  It would've been even better though if the leaves on the trees were changing color :)

After walking the river trail for a bit, we headed to the downtown area.  The streets are lined with shops and restaurants.  We found this little Mexican place for dinner that had great food!  I would definitely go back.

We then walked the streets and checked out the different shops.  We found an Apple store, and just had to go in.  Too bad they didn't have any of the new phones out to play with yet.  After that we grabbed some yummy gelato.  I felt like I was back in Italy as I was eating it.  SO good. 

By the time we finished it was dark and a bit too cold for Parker to be out, so we decided to head home.  Overall though, downtown Naperville was a nice escape from our not yet completed home.  I am hoping to go back and explore the rest of it! 

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