Friday, October 3, 2014

Enjoying Chicagoland

Last week Chris and I hit up Chicago again.  We figured since the weather was changing soon, we should take advantage of the beautiful city before it becomes the frozen tundra.  So we packed up our bag and headed in to the city. 

Our first stop was the Shedd Aquarium.  What a fun place to explore!  Parker couldn't get enough of all the different kinds of animals that we were able to see -- granted we did just do the basic admission, so there was actually a lot more to see that we were able to.  One day though maybe :)

Parker's favorite part about the aquarium had to have been this huge fish tank in the center of the first floor area.  He just stared at all the fish, and whenever one would swim in front of him, he would squeel with excitement.  It was so fun to watch him experience something new!

After the aquarium, we headed outside to walk around and city the city from a few different views.  Man I could not get enough of it!  You would probably be really sick of seeing the city if I posted all the pictures I actually took...haha.

Aren't my boys cute???

We hung out by the harbor for a bit, and Parker got see the sailboats taking their last "summer" cruise around the lake.  After that we headed over to Michigan Avenue, or as we "Chicagoan's" call it -- The Magnificent Mile.  It's where all the high end stores are, along with a few other goodies.  I of course had to swing by the Tiffany & Co. store...hello!  But my other favorite stop had to have been the Hersey store.  So fun!  

We have really enjoyed exploring this city, and are sad to see winter closing in on us -- hopefully not too soon!  But so far, it's definitely been a favorite pass time for me since we've moved here.

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