Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Birthday Celebrations

A few weekends ago we celebrated Parker's 1st birthday!  My family came down, and we threw a little party for him, and had some fun watching him discover birthday cake.

We had a little nautical themed party.  I featured all kinds of "water" themed treats - goldfish, Pirate Booty, Licorice rope, Lifesavers, and swedish fish.   I also made some "Me Hearty Chili" for dinner!

Parker didn't know what to think of his cake.  At first he played with the frosting -- he was constantly licking it off his little fingers.  He never really dug into his cake though.  I'm not sure if he was the biggest fan of the texture on his hands.  He kept trying to wipe it off.  He had to help him along -- aka we dug his hands into the cake! Haha.

Overall it was a great little party!  I was so glad my family could be here to help celebrate this fun time in Parker's life.  

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