Thursday, October 16, 2014

P-Money's Birthday Weekend

** Just a disclaimer...this was a weekend full of celebration for our little birthday boy, Parker, so there are LOTS of pictures, and there will be more to come from our party this upcoming weekend.**

Our baby is ONE!! I still can't believe I have a one year old. It's making me want to cry. Where did my baby go!?! Then again, it's been a blast watching him grow up, and with each new thing he discovers, or learns it makes my heart burst with more love than I can even comprehend. 

To celebrate on Parker's big day, we decided to take him to the park to have some lunch and to play. He loves the park, and I think he had a blast. It was a bit chilly that day, so I wish we could've stayed longer, but we all had some red cheeks not long into our stay there.

We learned how much Parker loves the slide! He had nothing but big smiles while sliding down it.

Later that night we took Parker to a new restaurant that we had found called The White Chocolate Grill.  We had a yummy dinner, and celebrated with bread pudding and ice cream.  Parker LOVED it!!  He inhaled every bite, and tried to full fist shovel the ice cream into his mouth.  It was quite entertaining to watch.

After dinner, we came home and let Parker open a few of his presents from some family.  He had a blast ripping the wrapping paper, and playing with the toys inside!

Happy Birthday, Parker!!

**More to come on Parker's birthday celebrations!**

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