Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zoo Lights

Last weekend we had some of Chris's family in town, so we decided to head downtown to explore Navy Pier, and to see the Lincoln Park Zoo-lights.  I have been missing my tradition of seeing the lights at Temple Square, so this came close to feeling like that.

At Navy Pier we walked around the different stores, and we obviously had to get some yummy Garret popcorn ;)  Parker didn't care about any of that though.  He just wanted to run around!

After the Pier, we ventured off the to zoo.  We haven't been to this zoo yet, so we had no idea what it was like.  It's amazing!  We definitely want to come back when it's warmer and show Parker all the animals.  It's a beautiful zoo, and they did an amazing job with all the lights.  We were really impressed!

We only got to see about a third of the whole zoo because A) it was pretty cold, and B) we were dumb parents and forgot gloves for Parker, so he was pretty done with the whole night 30 minutes into being there.

Look!  They had a BYU tree!!  Haha :)  - They also had a Utah tree...

It was such a fun night, but by far the best part of the night was this view...I mean really!  I couldn't stop taking pictures it was so beautiful.  And just think...this is only a portion of the Chicago skyline.  So cool!

Thanks for coming to visit Grandpa Jim & Lisa!  We had fun showing you a little bit of the city.  Until next time!

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