Thursday, May 5, 2016

California - Part 1

Ok, I really am the WORST at blogging lately ... I just can't let things get in the way like I have been!  But I have start (again) somewhere, right?

Last week we took Parker to Disneyland!  It was such a fun trip.  I wish we were back there right now.  Doing Disney with kids is such a neat experience as a parent.  I can't wait for future trips and for more kids to share in our love for that place!

We decided to spend a few days in St. George with Chris's grandparents, and to help break up the drive a bit.  It was so nice to spend some time with family and to get some much needed sunshine!  

Our first day at Disneyland was so fun!  Being able to watch Parker's reaction to everything he loves was the best.  I will never forget the look of excitement in his eyes when he saw Cars Land.   We took advantage of the small crowd and took Parker on all the rides we could.  He loved it!  We also had my sister Maren with us on our first day, which was great because Chris and I were able to go on the big kid rides :)

Parker was so excited to go on things, we had a hard time keeping him to "stay" in line!
And of course we couldn't come to Cars Land without meeting some of the cars!!  Parker was a little star struck when he met Lighting McQueen.  In fact, he ran down the street as soon as he saw him.
It may have gotten a little hot during the day, so we let Parker play in the water area -- I wasn't really thinking ahead to when he would end totally soaked!  I didn't have any spare clothes besides the hunt for new shoes began!  I'm not happy with how much I had to spend, but Parker sure loves his new Star Wars crocs! haha.  Only in Disney, right?
We ended the night watching the awesome "Paint the Night" parade.  It was AWESOME!!  Parker had fallen asleep while we watched World of Color, but woken up by the time we got over to Disneyland.  When he saw Lighting McQueen he perked right up and was so excited!

Our first day in Disney was definitely a success, and we couldn't wait for more!

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