Tuesday, May 3, 2011

off to kansas city

Well, our car is all packed and we are ready to leave Minnesota tomorrow morning for good old Kansas City, Missouri! Chris has taken a job with Edge Pest Control for the summer, and we are really excited to start this new adventure in our marriage.

We will be living in a town called Shawnee, Kansas, which is just about 20 miles southwest of Kansas City, so just over the boarder of Missouri. We are excited to be in a new place together! We finally get to move into our first apartment (even though it's only for 4 months). 

Chris is super excited for the Kansas City BBQ! He's is a lover of all things grilled and cooked and battered in BBQ sauce. It's cute! But we hear that they have fantastic BBQ and really good fried 
chicken ... so much for loosing weight this summer! Haha.

But we honestly have the greatest bunch of people that we'll be out there with. Chris was able to get two of his good friends to come and sell as well, so it'll be fun to have some familiar faces there with us. The manager that will be with us is really great as well, which makes things that much better for Chris.

Next time I write, the McNut's will be in Kansas City (well, Shawnee), Missouri!

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