Monday, May 16, 2011

toto, I have a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...

So, this post is WAY over due, but there's a reason for the Wizard of Oz blog title.
It's because we're back in Utah!!
Long story short, things in Kansas didn't really work out for us.
Things just didn't feel right, and it took us driving all the way to Shawnee, unpacking and moving
in to figure that out.


since we've been back things have just fallen into place for us. It's been such
a blessing to know that when doing the right thing, things just 
work out how they need to.

 The second we knew that we were coming back to Utah I told Chris I wanted to blog about it.
I've had to wait for over a week to say anything, but we wanted to square some things
away before we decided to tell the whole world that we were back.

It was a rough road at first. The apartment we wanted didn't quite work out, and then every where else we looked was either a great price at first, but then came with no utilities or furniture. But
after lots of looking, some prayer, and positive attitudes, we finally were able to find a really great place for a great deal that included utilities AND furniture! It was a definite answer to prayer.

Chris was also able to find a job! That was a huge relief right there. I still need a job,
but knowing that Chris was able to find one takes a lot of stress off of the
both of us right now. My cute husband starts his first day working for Vivint as a Customer Service
Rep. Basically he's working behind the scenes for a few things. 

Me, I'm still looking for a job...hopefully something will come along soon!

Things are coming along great and Chris and I are excited to finally be in our very first apartment and living as newlyweds! Life couldn't be any better.

Here are some pictures of the new place!


As you can see, we have a lot of stuff...haha.


We are still working on hanging up some pictures, but that's our place!

- Stay tuned ... more wedding pictures to come!! 

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