Sunday, July 31, 2011

the drive-in

This past weekend Mr. M and I went on a date.
This date was a little different from the dates that we've been
going on lately. It was an reenactment of the very first date we went on.

Zupa's and the drive-in theater.

What a date!

We first went and ate at Zupas. We tried to get the same booth that we had, 
but someone was already sitting there. After we ate, we packed up my grandparents car 
with blankets and pillows and set off to get a good spot.
(my Honda, aka Betty Sue, is definitely not a good car for the drive-in) 

Here's the car with me all ready for the movie to start:

The first movie we watched was this one:

It was good! I'd like to see it again, but we both really liked it.

Then we saw this one:

Mr. M and I love the Transformers movies, so this one was a favorite.
It's even better seeing it the second time!

It was a great date night!

Love you Mr. M for taking me on it.

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