Sunday, October 9, 2011

what a weekend!

It's day three in the beautiful St. George and we have been loving our time here.
Unfortunately, I got a bad cold from leaving the window open our first night and so I've been suffering through that :( It has not been fun.

Needless to say though, every thing we've done has been really great!

Here's our trip so far in a nutshell:

This is was we drove is on our way to St. George. Who would've thought that going to a warmer area would bring snow and cold weather? Utah's's unpredictable I tell ya!

Friday was our 6th month anniversary, and to celebrate Chris's grandparents took us out to eat at a very yummy Thai restaurant called Benja's. Chris and I then went to see The Little Mermaid at the Tuacahn. It was so good and the set was unbelievable! We had such a good time.


Saw this walking into the amphitheater....biggest spider I've ever seen in real life!! Chris just laughed at me while I momentarily freaked out. Haha.

Saturday morning, we went on a Jeep ride into Rockville to see some of Chris's ancestors graves. What an interesting experience that was, to walk around an old cemetery and read the stories of those that have gone before us. Some of the gravestones, including Chris's ancestors, had a little gold plaque symbolizing they were pioneers. How cool it was to know that my husband has pioneer history in his family! After that, we drove into Zion's National Park. I've never been there and was amazed by how breathtakingly beautiful it was!! I hope to go back there soon.

The weekend isn't over yet! Hopefully I will start feeling better so that we can finish this weekend off with a bang. Oh how I love St. George. I secretly hope we can come back soon, and maybe even one day live here? Who knows what the future hold for us McNut's?

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