Tuesday, November 1, 2011

update on the mcnut's

So I've learned that blogging while working AND going to school is really tough! I have been so busy and before I know it, a month has gone by and I haven't blogged yet. Oops. Well, here's
an update on what's been happenin in the McNutly household the last few weeks.

Over fall break, my sister Maren came out for a visit, which was way fun! Chris and I came up with some fun things to do with her in Provo. The first thing was going to the tumble gym that
we absolutely love! We met up with some of our friends, which made it even more fun. Plus, Maren is a gymnast, and so she was having a blast doing all kinds of flips and tricks.

Chris and I lost in a foam pit...it was so difficult to get out!

Our friends Jessie and Talmage

Friday we went to Thanksgiving point with some of my family and enjoyed Cornbelly's. Chris and I had never been and we loved it! There were tons of activities for all ages, and it's a definite must do again!

Saturday we took Maren to Lagoon for Fightmares. Chris and I are not huge fans of Lagoon, but when Frightmares rolls around, count us in! I love Halloween and so going and being around all the fun
decorations was a blast. We rode all our favorite rides and enjoyed being with family, minus it being freezing that night! Here are some pics from that day...

Me and my cute grandma :)

Overall it was a very fun weekend and a much needed break. I'm glad my sister could come out to Utah for a visit and I hope that she decides to come to school out here so that I can see her all the time!

Is it Thanksgiving yet?!?

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