Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday nightmare

Oh how I love, and hate black friday all at the same time. Last year was by far the best black friday
for us and so we knew that this year was not going to be as exciting, but we still wanted to
take part in all the mayhem! 

We first chose to go to Walmart and check out their deals. Now those of you that are black friday 
champions and study the catalogs, you know that this year Walmart was doing 3 rounds of giveaways. 
One at 10pm, 12am and 8am. We decided to check out the 10 pm one before we headed to Target. This was a bad choice...

Oh my goodness! Walmart was AWFUL!! I have never felt so overwhelmed and so frustrated in my life. I will NEVER go back there again for black friday. This is what we experienced...

There was no order what so ever, and people were pushing Chris and I with their carts...WITH THEIR CARTS! I actually turned around and looked at the woman and said "seriously, seriously?" Haha I know... maybe I could've thought of a better comeback, but I was about to loose it with everyone there!

Target was a breath of fresh air! They were so organized and it made the night so enjoyable I'm not even kidding. I sound crazy, but I'm being serious. It was so nice. Maybe that's one of the many reasons why I love Target so much :)

What did you all get on this black friday? Anything good? Chris and I bought the Bucket List on DVD and some eye shadow. Every exciting! Haha. Like I said, we knew that it wasn't going to be a very exciting year aways. Maybe next year! Well, I hope you all had a good black friday! Until next year...

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