Sunday, December 25, 2011

life lately at the McNut household

ok...I'm a little behind on my blogging life!! Things have been crazy, and I finally have some time to
sit down and blog about what's been happin' in the life of the McNut's!

Here's a small recap...
Chris and I finished our fall semester with flying colors.
Chris passed his math class (yay!) and I got all A's in my graphic design classes,
which in the past was a hard thing to do!! I also
turned in this lovely project for my 2D class:

the project was to create a future dream...mine obviously is to
be a mother...and have a daughter with a name
that starts with "e".

My wonderful sister celebrated her 18th day of birth!! Crazy she's 
that old already. But I was feeling extra crafty and decided to make her 
some key fobs that she's been wanting. If you don't know what 
these little beauties are, you better get with it! These are the new hot 
thing in the craft world. It was super easy to make too. If you're interested 
in knowing how to make it, let me know and I'll post the how to on here. 
Here's a photo of what I made though:

While I had my craft on, I also wanted to make Chris and I some Christmas stockings. 
We didn't have any yet and instead of buying some, we both decided that I should make some. So I bought some fabric and good old Hobby Lobby and I had to wait until the semester 
was done and when I had more time to actually make them. But I did! They were way easy
to make, but the toughest part was making the cuff part. But here they are! They have been fun to look at while waiting to have them filled on Christmas Day :)

This past Monday, Chris and I went with some of my family 
to see the lights at Temple Square. I love doing this during the holidays! 
It was a bit chilly, but it was so great! Can't wait 
to do it again next year.

(Can I just say that I love the instagram app on the iPhone?? )

I can't wait for Christmas!!! 
(I know today, the day I'm blogging, is Christmas, but I'm pretending that I wrote this a few days ago ... ok,?)

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