Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July Craftin'

Looking for last minute 4th of July crafts??

Here are two that are easy, and cheap that you could get done in less than a day!

(All items were purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Glitter USA Letters

Items Needed:

Cardboard letters - U, S, A
Modge Podge
A brush
Clear Spray Paint

You'll cover each letter in a lot of modge podge.  Make sure it hasn't dried before you dump the glitter on it!!

Pour the glitter all over the area were you put the modge podge.  Let it dry, and continue to cover the rest of the letter.  Once you've done each letter, let it dry for at least a half hour.

Once it's dried, spray some clear spray paint over the letter to lock in the loose glitter!

4th of July Canvas Star

Items Needed :

Canvas - any size
Red, White, and Blue paint
A brush
Wooden Star
Wooden Circle
Modge Podge
Hot Glue

You'll want to start out by painting whatever piece you want whichever color you want.  For mine, I did the canvas red, the star blue, and the circle striped with white paint and glitter.

For the circle :  You'll want to paint the entire circle white.  Once that's dry, divide up the circle evenly with tape to create your stripes.  Use your modge podge to add the glitter to.  Make sure it's still wet before you add the glitter so it sticks!  Once that's dry you'll remove the tape.  You shouldn't need to touch anything up, but if needed you can.  Once the circle is dry, glue the star to it in the middle.

Glue the circle to the canvas.  Wait for it to dry before you hang up!

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