Sunday, August 4, 2013

baby shower's!

Chris and I have been so blessed over the past month to have had 3 wonderful baby showers for our little peanut!  We've received so many cute outfits, and needed items that it's making the fact that our family is soon going from 2 to 3 a little more real!

My parents and siblings were in town the week of the 4th of July, so we had baby showers for both sides of the family.  The pictures below are from my Dad's side of the family (sorry there aren't any from the other sister was the photographer for this one, and at the other's we got a little sidetracked and weren't able to get any pictures...oops!).

My aunt Laura and my grandma did such a great job decorating with a Cars theme, and making tons of yummy food!  It was so fun to see family members that I haven't seen in quite awhile.  We had a great night together opening presents, and laughing about random baby things.

The second shower that I had was with my Mom's side of the family.  We had all the ladies together, had some delicious dinner, and opened presents.  It was fun to be with my cousins who don't live in Utah, but who were all in town for my other cousin's wedding.  I got some pretty good items at this shower too!

The third shower that I had was with Chris' family.  They took me out to lunch at the Blue Lemon, and then we went back to Chris' aunt's house for some goodies and presents.  I got spoiled yet again with some amazing gifts!

Thank you to ALL who took part in planning these baby showers, and to all who gave us some amazing gifts to prepare for baby McNulty.  We couldn't be more excited with the closer his due date gets.  We have just a few more things to get done before we are as ready as we'll ever be for his arrival!

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