Tuesday, May 10, 2016

California - Part 3

Before our trip, we thought it would be really fun to make some matching shirts to wear.  At first we wanted it to be kind of funny, but it developed into a really cute shirt!  So we all wore it to the park our first day together as a family, who came and joined us for the week of fun! 
 A tradition Chris and I always do is each time we go down to Disney we like to choose one meal to eat at a fancier restaurant.  We chose the Blue Bayou for this trip because it's amazing and delicious, and we wanted to go again!  If you ever have a chance to go, get the lemonade, and the Monte Cristo sandwich -- AMAZING!!
The rest of our day was filled with rides, pin trading, yummy treats, and a conversation with Crush from Finding Nemo! It was such a fun day, and the weather was perfect.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.

We stayed at the new Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance hotel, and it was so awesome!  It had the best water area for Parker to play in with splash pads and little slides.  He couldn't get enough of it, and may have thrown a fit every time we had to leave.  It surprises me how kids can go swimming when it's not very warm outside!  But the hotel was awesome, and we will definitely be going back.
On our "off" day we let Parker play at the hotel pool for awhile before we headed to Balboa Beach for the rest of the day.  Even though the weather was not "beach weather", we still had a great time getting in some sun, and enjoying the sound of the ocean.  Parker loved being in the ocean with Aunt Shelby, and finding shells along the coast with Dad & Grandpa Jan.
And we couldn't leave the beach day without a trip to Ruby's diner at the end of the pier for some french fries and milkshakes ;)  Totally made the whole beach trip worth it!

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