Wednesday, May 18, 2016

California - Part 4

On one of our last morning, we had an extra hour, so we used it in the morning to get on some rides before the crowds came.  As you can tell in the picture below, Parker wasn't too happy about that! Haha.  But by the time we were on rides, he was perfectly fine with that :)
And we couldn't leave Disneyland without letting Parker build a lightsaber!  My Dad helped him build it, and he could hardly wait to "fight" someone with it.  He still will bring one of them to Chris or I, and have a duel.
Our last few days in Disneyland were so fun, and we didn't want to leave ... in fact, we added another day just so we could make sure Parker was able to do everything.  It was worth that add-on price!  He loved all the shows, and kid rids that we hadn't been on yet.  He didn't quite understand why he had to wait in line for Peter Pan for so long, but I think he quickly forgot about that as soon as we were whisked away to Neverland :)
Chris and I took Parker to Toon Town, which neither of us had been to in YEARS, and we let Parker run around the different homes of all the characters, and we even met Mickey!!  Parker was a little star struck, even though it doesn't look like it in the picture. Haha.  
Our trip was AWESOME, and I wish we could go back right now!  We can't wait to take Parker back again, and introduce him to even more!

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