Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 in Review

2013 was a good year for the McNulty family.  We went on some fun adventures in a new destination, hit a year of being in our house, and most importantly, welcomed our first baby into our family.  

Here's the McNulty year-in-review!

january :  We celebrated Chris' 25th birthday.  I wanted to make it a special day because he was turning a 1/4 of a century old!  We had lots of yummy things to eat that day - Fong's and Tucano's, wen't bowling with some friends, and Chris got 25 nickels to play some games at the Nickel Arcade.  I even made him a Utah Jazz cake.

february :  We got some awesome seats at a Jazz game, built the "McNulty Stadium" for the Superbowl and filled it with yummy food, had an awesome Valentines Day with delicious dutch oven food, and we found out our biggest news yet ... I was expecting our first baby!

march :  Chris and I were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii with Chris' family.  Neither of us had ever been before, and we wanted to do everything we could there.  I was somewhat sick, but not sick enough to go on some adventures - thank you Zofran!

april :  We made the announcement to my family and the rest of the world that we were expecting a baby, we bought some chickens and started "McNulty Farms" - so Chris calls it :), and we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary -- can't believe how fast time it flying!

may :  We built our chicken coupe - those chicks are living in high class, we decided that it was time with a new baby on the way to buy a safer vehicle.  Chris surprised me on Mother's Day with our awesome new Honda Accord.  We also took Sadie up Provo Canyon for the first time to Bridal Veil Falls.  She was a bit timid to get in the water, but eventually warmed up to it. 

june :  This was a great month for us!  We were able to find out what we were having -- a BOY!  Chris and I were so excited that the day we found out we went and did all things boy.  We couldn't wait to have a little dude running around our house.

july :  This was a busy month for us!  We started off with our first baby shower from my side of the family where we were spoiled rotten with some amazing things for our baby boy.  We then celebrated my cousin Ashley and Tanner's wedding.  Then we ended the month with a fabulous trip to California to relax at a beach house with my Mom's family.  We were also able to fit in a Disneyland trip.  You bet this prego girl went, and still had a blast.

august : We had a friend take some amazing maternity pictures for us.  I love all of them!  We also traveled to Minnesota for a visit with my family, and had tons of fun playing games, swimming in the pool, eating out, and going to the MN State Fair!  I also celebrated my 25th birthday as well.  I feel old!

september :  We said goodbye to one of our cousins who left for Washington to serve a 2 year mission for our Church.  My sister, Maren, received her mission call to serve for 18 months in the Bakersfield, California mission.  And Chris and I got some awesome BYU tickets for the game agains Utah only to see them lose :( - it was still fun though!

october :  Our lives changed this month - we welcomed our baby boy, Parker, into our family!  He came 2 weeks early, and not the way we had planned, but he was healthy and we couldn't have been happier!  He has kept us busy since day one, but we love him :)

november :  We had my family come stay with us for a week where we went through the temple for Maren's endowments, celebrated Thanksgiving, to meet Parker, and to be there for his blessing.  We were so grateful to be surrounded by so many people we love this month.

december :  We celebrated our first Christmas as our own family.  Parker got spoiled with gifts from mom and dad, as well as both our sets of parents.  Chris got some good stuff, and I was given a wonderful surprise - a trip for Parker and I to fly back to Minnesota to spend time with my sister Maren and to attend her mission farewell, and to say goodbye to her when she leaves.  I'll admit it was the first gift to ever make me cry (please forgive my face in that picture.  I'm not a very attractive crier ... haha)

Overall we had an amazing year!  I am so grateful for my new little family, and for all the love and support we've receive over the past few months.  If I could go back and live it all again, I would, but I am so excited to see what 2014 has in store for us - I have a feeling it's going to be a good year with lots of changes!

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